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The Lessons of the Beaver
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The Lessons of the Beaver
The Lessons of the Beaver The Lessons of the Beaver The Lessons of the Beaver The Lessons of the Beaver The Lessons of the Beaver The Lessons of the Beaver
Автор: Марионела Божкова
Код: 018868
Налично: В наличност
Цена: 15.00 лв.

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“The Lessons of the Beaver” is a book for self-coaching and self-development.
This is a handy walkthrough for making a major change in your life and starting fresh… a new powerful year! It combines for you coaching and training techniques from different soft skills areas, proven to work well during my over 15 years of coaching and training experience. I have turned them into an easy-to-use practical guide, with which you can start, follow through and reach your victory! Make yourself a present for a successful year! Give this book as a present to someone important to you. Recommend it to someone who has just started a new job. Take it with you on your holiday. Use it in your office as a work diary. Give it to your team to help them plan and execute their next project. This is not a book for reading! You are the Author here. It is going to ask you some important questions in a structured systematic way, so that your personal success becomes easier and more tangible. It will guide you how to build inner strength and motivation to achieve any goal. It will help you explore your limitations and go beyond them. After reading this book nothing could stop you! Are you ready to do it?
Marionela Bojkova is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). She has conducted over 700 hours of individual and group coaching, inspiring individuals and teams from different countries to find motivation and to succeed. She is a respected lecturer, trainer and consultant working with over 200 companies in Europe. Over the past 10 years she has been holding training seminars with focus on human resources, leadership and personal development topics.
Данни за книгата
Език Английски
Издателство TeamTime Bulgaria
Година на публикуване 2016
Страници 122
Вид на продукта PDF

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