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Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria
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Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria
Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria
Автор: Петър Берон, Трифон Даалиев, Алекси Ялов
Код: 016081
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This book summarizes our knowledge of the caves and cave research in Bulgaria. The first Bulgarian caving society was founded as early as 1929, but the first cave animals, fossils and archaeological artefacts in Bulgarian caves had been found and published even earlier, at the end of the 19th century. However, sporting speleology was established much later, since the restoration of organized caving in 1958. By that time, only some 200 caves had been known in Bulgaria, largely highly superficially. At present they outnumber 5,100, most of them being well-documented.

Cave animals have been recorded from more than 700 Bulgarian caves. Bulgarian cavers have discovered and surveyed 62 caves longer than 1,000 m, as well as 52 potholes deeper than 100 m. Bulgarian caving is currently well-organized network of caving clubs, including more than 800 members. Over the past 40 years, Bulgarian cavers have organized the exploration of hundreds of caves in more than 45 countries, including independent missions to Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. Some of them also participated in such complex international expeditions as the British Speleological Expedition to Papua New Guinea in 1975. Numerous new animal species have been described by Bulgarian specialists from caves in different parts of the world. The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology has initiated the creation of a Balkan speleological union.

One of the major achievements of Bulgarian speleology has become the compilation of the Main Card Index of Bulgarian caves. Keeping in mind all these achievements, time has come to publish both in Bulgarian and English a compendium containing, besides other things, concise descriptions of 260 of he most important and spectacular caves and potholes of Bulgaria. An outline is also given of some general subjects like Biospeleology, Speleopalaeontology, Speleoarcheology, Speleomineralogy, Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of Karst, Cave diving, Cave rescue and others. The book contains data on various aspects of research carried out by Bulgarian cavers all over the world, as well as biographical information about many Bulgarian cavers and cave scientists. The publication is richly illustrated by numerous colour pictures, graphs and maps.

Table of Contents
Foreword 7
Acknowledgements 9
Historical Review of Bulgarian Speleology — Alexey Jalov 11
Education of Cavers — Alexey Jalov 15
Cave Rescue in Bulgaria — Trifon Daaliev 17
International Connections of Bulgarian Speleologists — Alexey Jalov 20
Bulgarian Contributions to the Exploration of Caves and Karst in Other Countries — Petar Beron 22
Scientific Exploration of Bulgarian Caves 39
Plant and Animal Life in Bulgarian Caves — Petar Beron 40
Cave Flora and Mycota 40
Cave Fauna 40
Archaeological Research in Bulgarian Caves — Magdalena Stamenova and Alexey Jalov 61
Paleontological Research in Bulgarian Caves — Petar Beron 66
Geological, Geomorphological and Geophysical Studies of the Karst and Caves in Bulgaria — Alexey Jalov 79
Cave Minerals in Bulgaria — Yavor Shopov 82
Hydrogeological, Hydrological and Hydrochemical Studies in Bulgarian Caves — Alexey Benderev 85
Studies on the Cave Microclimate in Bulgaria — Alexey Stoev 94
Medico-Biological and Psychological Studies in Caving and Speleology — Alexey Jalov 97
Cave Diving in Bulgaria — Alexey Jalov 99
Protection of Karst and Caves in Bulgaria — Alexey Jalov 101
Karst and Caves in Bulgaria — Alexey Benderev 104
Some Important Karstic Regions in Bulgaria — Alexey Benderev 104
The Longest and the Deepest Caves in Bulgaria 127
Potholes and Cave Systems in Bulgaria 128
Caves and Potholes Included in This Book 129
Some Remarkable Bulgarian Caves — Trifon Daaliev and Alexey Jalov (fauna: P. Beron) 133
Caves in the Danube Plain 133
Caves in Stara Planina and the Predbalkan 145
Caves in the Transitional Region 396
Caves in Rila-Rhodopean Region 408
Caves in Pirin 408
Caves in the Rhodopes 430
Caves in the Strandja and Sakar 480
Who is Who in Bulgarian Speleology — Petar Beron 491
Selected Literature 499
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Език Английски
Издателство Пенсофт
Година на публикуване 2006
Страници 600
Вид на продукта PDF (защитен)
ISBN 9789546423818

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